Bioengineering master’s program with travel

Enroll in Johns Hopkins University’s Bioengineering Master’s Degree Program and Enhance Your Education With Travel

Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID) offers a unique bioengineering master’s degree program with a travel component. After completing clinical rotations at Johns Hopkins Hospital, students embark on a global health trip to a destination such as Kenya, Ethiopia or India. There, students observe the challenges that physicians face, then brainstorm ways to improve the quality and availability of patient care.

The purpose of the global health trip is not only to introduce students to a new set of real-world challenges, but also to:

  • Challenge them to think outside of the context of industrialized medicine
  • Directly connect with real people who will benefit from their innovations
  • Gain new perspectives on the social, economic and ethical issues that impact patient care on a global scale

After the travel component of the program, students return to the university to complete a robust, hands-on design project. Working in collaborative teams under the guidance of industry experts, students develop a solution (e.g., a device, smartphone app or other similar product) for one of the challenges that they identified during rotations and/or travel abroad. This enables them to gain hands-on experience with the process of development, prototyping, testing and production.

During the summer, fall and spring semesters, students also complete a condensed academic program of business, bioengineering and global health classes, which are taught by Johns Hopkins University’s esteemed faculty. Corporate partners from leading biomedical engineering companies also provide insight and guidance. The result of this multi-faceted approach is a comprehensive and dynamic education that is rounded out with practical, real-world experience.

To apply to our bioengineering master’s program with travel experience, please submit your online application by December 31. We will contact initial candidates for the first round of interviews by the end of January.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design