CBID alums Kevin Keenahan ‘14, and Josh Budman ‘14 offer wound tracking technology solution

April 14, 2015
Tissue Analytics co-founders Kevin Keenahan (CBID ‘14) and Josh Budman (CBID ‘14)

Tissue Analytics co-founders Kevin Keenahan (CBID ‘14) and Josh Budman (CBID ‘14) recently closed a $750k seed round for their wound tracking technology.

Keenahan and Budman’s startup company, Tissue Analytics, is transforming the smartphone into a sophisticated platform for imaging and remotely evaluating chronic wounds. The 8.5 million Americans living with chronic wounds, such as bedsores and diabetic ulcers, cost the US healthcare system $30 billion each year. The high cost of care is a result of two problems: 1) Insufficient access to highly specialized physicians and clinics; 2) Crude wound assessment and  tracking technologies

A simple ruler is the most common tool to track wounds over time. This technique is so variable and prone to error that doctors cannot see if prescribed treatments are working. The shear magnitude of this clinical need was identified while Tissue Analytics’ cofounders were students at CBID and rotated through the Johns Hopkins Bayview wound clinic.

Tissue Analytics solves these problems in wound assessment by using advanced image analysis technology that standardizes wound documentation. Nurses can use our mobile application to capture digital photographs of wounds. We process these images on our cloud and send them to a secure website where doctors can log on and remotely evaluate their patients. Users are presented with precise information about changing characteristics of the wound over time and the effect of treatment. Doctors can even bill existing reimbursement codes directly on our website.

logo_tissue_analyticsSince their graduation from CBID in May 2014, the Tissue Analytics company has made substantial progress — with a live deployment of its software at the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. The company is also set to commence a large, 7,000-patient clinical utility study with Penn Care at Home and Independence Blue Cross in May 2015. Tissue Analytics also closed its seed round in January of 2015, raising $750,000.

Visit the Tissue Analytics website for more information about the company.

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