How to Apply for the Bioengineering Master’s Program at Johns Hopkins University

Apply for Bioengineering Master's ProgramAre you interested in applying to a bioengineering master’s program to further your studies? If so, consider the one-year intensive program at Johns Hopkins University. We offer a Master of Engineering (MSE) at our Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID) that involves clinical rotations at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a global health trip, and development of a medical device prototype. While having a background in engineering, design, or the medical field is a plus, it’s not a requirement for this program. In fact, we love having students from all different backgrounds because it provides a fresh perspective for everyone involved.


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Application Requirements

Here’s what you’ll need in order to apply for the CBID program:

  • A Statement of Purpose
  • Three letters of recommendation (at least one of these letters needs to be from a former or current professor or a professor you have worked with)
  • GRE scores that are less than three years old*
  • Unofficial undergraduate transcript(s)
  • Resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS, required for international students if English is not your primary language

*Request a GRE Waiver Due to COVID-19 Accessibility Issues

In response to the test accessibility issues caused by COVID-19, as part of the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE), CBID will offer those applicants impacted by COVID-19 access issues a waiver of the required GRE for the 2022 admissions cycle. This applies to Master’s degree graduate applications for the CBID Summer 2022 start term. Applicants may be asked for documentation to support this request.

How to Request a GRE Waiver Due to COVID-19

If you qualify for the GRE waiver based on COVID-19 accessibility issues, you must apply directly in the application. Please do not email CBID or Engineering Graduate Admissions for this request. When applying as a CBID Master’s student, follow the instructions on the “GRE Waiver Request” section to complete all required fields. This section is dependent on all fields being completed in the earlier “Program Information” section.

Our program engages in holistic admissions review and we expect many competitive applications will not include GRE scores this year. We will review all applications equally and there will be no disadvantage to applicants with approved waivers.


If you have special projects, published papers, or anything else that may be of interest to the admissions committee, feel free to submit it along with your application for consideration. This is a time for you to share your accomplishments and tell us all the ways you stand out. After all, you’re applying to one of the most competitive graduate programs in the nation. Our program isn’t one focused on lectures and exams but instead involves gaining real-world, hands-on experiences, which is why we keep our program size small to allow for better discussions and brainstorming sessions. Typically, we accept 20 to 24 students and often receive upwards of 150 applicants.

Deadline to Apply

CBID will be accepting MSE applications for the 2022-2023 academic year through December 31, 2021. It’s important to get your application in as soon as possible to give our admissions committee time to review your application – and make sure you’re at the top of the stack.

To learn more about our bioengineering graduate program, get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.


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