Youseph Yazdi, PhD, MBA

Executive Director, CBID
Program Director, Johns Hopkins-Coulter Translational Partnership
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor, by courtesy, Carey School of Business

Journal Articles
  • Belzberg M, Mahapatra S, Perdomo-Pantoja A, Chavez F, Morrison K, Xiong KT, Gamo NJ, Restaino S, Thakor N, Yazdi Y, Iyer R, Tyler B, Theodore N, Luciano MG, Brem H, Groves M, Cohen AR, Manbachi A (2020).  Minimally invasive therapeutic ultrasound: Ultrasound-guided ultrasound ablation in neuro-oncology.  Ultrasonics.  108.
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  • Vanosdoll M, Ng N, Ho A, Wallingford A, Xu S, Matin SB, Verma N, Farzin A, Golden WC, Yazdi Y, Waiswa P, Labrique A, Acharya S (2019).  A novel mobile health tool for home-based identification of neonatal illness in Uganda: Formative usability study.  Journal of Medical Internet Research.  21(8).
  • Garibaldi BT, Ruparelia C, Shaw-Saliba K, Sauer LM, Maragakis LL, Glancey M, Subah M, Nelson AR, Wilkason C, Scavo L, Litwin L, Osei P, Yazdi Y (2019).  A novel personal protective equipment coverall was rated higher than standard Ebola virus personal protective equipment in terms of comfort, mobility and perception of safety when tested by health care workers in Liberia and in a United States biocon....  American Journal of Infection Control.  47(3).  298-304.
  • Manbachi A, Kreamer-Tonin K, Walch P, Gamo NJ, Khoshakhlagh P, Zhang YS, Montague C, Acharya S, Logsdon EA, Allen RH, Durr NJ, Luciano MG, Theodore N, Brem H, Yazdi Y (2018).  Starting a Medical Technology Venture as a Young Academic Innovator or Student Entrepreneur.  Annals of Biomedical Engineering.  46(1).
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  • "Suit designs and doffing methodologies for personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of infectious agents to healthcare workers", 2020.
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