Fostering Healthcare Innovation: CBID MSE Class of 2024’s Transformative Journey

August 12, 2023
CBID Class of 2024: The new generation of healthcare innovators.

In June, the CBID MSE Class of 2024 embarked on a transformative year-long journey. Designed to empower future leaders in healthcare innovation, these students dove headfirst into an intensive week-long bootcamp. This immersive experience honed their ability to keenly observe, actively listen, and adeptly address challenges faced by clinicians.

Following this, students were split into 4 teams and transitioned into an immersive eight-week period. Stationed within the esteemed halls of Johns Hopkins Hospital, they embarked on a profound exploration. Here, they shadowed dedicated doctors, skilled surgeons, and seasoned clinicians, delving into the intricacies of their daily experiences. Through this hands-on engagement, teams unearthed vital insights, identified pressing problems, influential stakeholders, and pain points that resonate within the healthcare realm.

The teams tirelessly strengthened their problem statements and brainstormed potential innovative healthcare solutions. Their quest for innovation extended beyond the hospital walls as they met with clinicians, mentors, advisors, esteemed CBID Faculty, and accomplished CBID Fellows to revise their problem statements.

In the latter part of June, the students showcased their research across diverse fields—Otolaryngology, Pediatric Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, and Vascular Surgery. This presentation took place at a Clinical Needs & Innovation Poster Session hosted at Johns Hopkins Hospital. During this session, medical experts engaged with the students, offering valuable insights, constructive feedback, and expert guidance. This collaborative exchange continues to drive the momentum of healthcare innovation.

CBID Teams interacting with clinicians, gaining insightful feedback, and fostering new connections.

And this is only one of the two amazing projects each team is working on. Each team is also working on a Global Health Project. The Global Health Project is an essential part of the CBID MSE Program where students travel to learn about clinical needs in a third-world setting. Follow team Out of Bounds as they travel to India to learn more about the effects of Glaucoma, an optic neuropathy, and eye care treatment. Read more about their project from their Team Out of Bounds Blog.

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