CBID Alumni Named Maryland Inno Under 25

October 18, 2023

The annual Maryland Inno Under 25, were recently announced, showcasing five Baltimore-area innovators who are 25 years old or younger and already making an impact. Three of the five Baltimore area innovators are CBID alumni. Our alumni, Rebecca Rosenberg, Antony Fuleihan, and Shri Prabha Shivram were recognized for their innovative bioengineering projects that came out of the CBID program.

Rebecca Rosenberg (CBID ‘21 and CBID Fellow ‘22): ReBokeh

Rebecca was inspired to create ReBokeh due to her moderate visual impairment caused by a form of albinism. Growing up, Rebecca felt that the assistive technologies for her condition had an unintuitive user interface and was not compatible with her smartphone. To find more information about ReBokeh visit (articles) (ReBokeh website).

Antony Fuleihan (CBID ‘22 and CBID Fellow ‘23): CurveAssure

Each year, 250,000 patients undergo unnecessary spinal fusion surgery because spine surgeons lack critical information about their patients’ spinal function outside of the clinic. The CurveAssure system aims to enhance clinical decision-making and enable personalized patient care. With CurveAssure’s innovative wireless sensor technology, clinicians can make more informed decisions about their patients’ treatment options, allowing them to better personalize both surgical and non-surgical plans. To learn more about CurveAssure visit (articles) (CurveAssure website).

Shri Prabha Shivram (CBID ‘23 and CBID Fellow ‘24): Somnair

Somnair (previously know as SomnOSA) is a novel, minimally invasive neurostimulation device that increases airway muscle tone and prevents airway collapse for patients who experience obstructive sleep apnea. This past summer, they have had success with multiple incubator and accelerator programs. To learn more about Somnair, visit (articles) (Somnair website).

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